Release Notes

If you encounter any issues, please report to us. You can always restore the ealier theme version, check this video for instruction.

2.4.4 (11-10-2023)

  • Fix homepage carousel image overlaps when transition is enabled
  • Fix sale badge display incorrect in some case

2.4.3 (07-28-2023)

  • Fix hero carousel transition effect
  • Fix edit cart item display incorrect message when product is unavailable / out of stock
  • Fixed unavailable options' strikeout display during cart edit
  • Fix cart quantity input change note working

2.4.2 (07-07-2023)

  • Fix JS error when page speed optimization is not None
  • Fix homepage carousel not autoplay
  • Fix slides to show for product carousels

2.4.1 (06-29-2023)

  • Remove document.write when page speed optimization = performance
  • Use faster slider for product carousel and home page carousel

2.4.0 (06-02-2023)

  • Fix discount price display wrong in cart preview popup
  • Fix tab contents aria-hidden="true" in PDP
  • Fix aria-hidden of product options
  • Use stencilColor for color variables
  • Implemented the ability to show contact form in a popup
  • Bump debug from 2.6.8 to 2.6.9 (#9)
  • Bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2 (#10)
  • Bump json5 from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 (#11)
  • Bump qs from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1 (#12)
  • [CORNERSTONE] Move phrases and static strings to en.json for improving translation customizing. #1850
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation Gap: Gift Certificate -> Code required message. #2064
  • [CORNERSTONE] Removed all Google AMP template files #2308
  • [CORNERSTONE] (Partial Merge) Cornerstone performance optimizations: blocking scripts delaying DomContentLoaded. #2158
  • [CORNERSTONE] Webpack 5, Node 18 Support [#2311][]

2.3.0 (03-09-2023)

  • Fix image distort on Safari iOS 16.3.1
  • Update stencil-utils 6.15.0
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added translations for Consent Manager. #2083
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added manual captcha to Contact Us form for additional spam protection. #2290

2.2.2 (01-13-2023)

  • Fix additional checkout buttons (PayPal) on preview cart
  • Remove AMP support

2.2.1 (10-21-2022)

  • Disable schema in Frequently Bought Together block
  • Fix missing image schema, gtin, description in AMP page

2.2.0 (10-06-2022)

  • Fix sub-categories not display in Faceted Filter
  • Fix reviews pagination button not working if click on the icon
  • Fix bundle error on stencil-cli 3.13.0
  • Fix scss compatibility for stencil-cli 5.1.0
  • Loading YouTube videos with browser native lazyload
  • Fix Merchant Listings - itemCondition schema
  • Change from http to https
  • Display YouTube video iframe with browser native lazyload

2.1.2 (06-11-2022)

  • Fix AMP errors when the menu contains widgets

2.1.1 (04-04-2022)

  • Bump @bigcommerce/stencil-utis 6.11.0
  • [CORNERSTONE] fix(storefront): STRF-8599 Drop Jquery: Replaced event's current target to the element passed from utils(on hook)

2.1.0 (04-01-2022)

  • Fix to make browser back button navigate pagination properly when faceted search is enabled #1606
  • Add related products limit to 3 option
  • Added new region on the cart page #1901
  • Added custom event for product price change on PDP page. #1948
  • PAYPAL-886 added container setting for spb container. #2041
  • Workaround for PayPal Pay Later Message setting doesn't show Product price section
  • Remove Instafeed.
  • Move quick search popup above the header bottom region

2.0.3 (12-10-2021)

  • Fix Google Structured Data schema for product reviews - Invalid object type for field "author".
  • Fix cart items not show on thank you page
  • Add js option "disableSearchInput"
  • Fix ESLint

2.0.2 (10-22-2021)

  • Fix MPN not change when not show properties tab
  • Fix currency dropdown display incorrect when logo position = top
  • Add try/catch for setProductVariant()

2.0.1 (09-09-2021)

  • End discount program.

2.0.0 (08-26-2021)

  • Fix dropdown color in themed checkout page
  • Add theme option "Enable widget regions in mega menus" to allow adding widgets to the mega menu.
  • Fix sweetalert button focus color
  • Fix credit card form on checkout page when checkout_theme is enabled
  • Fix star, sash badge position
  • Discount 25%

1.12.0 (07-01-2021)

  • Fix dimensions titles displayed on mobile not follow theme settings
  • Fix sale badge on product carousel not change color on hover
  • Fix reCaptcha position not show correct on the checkout page
  • Fix spacing at the bottom of page if enable PhotoSwipe
  • Fix herocarousel boxed style
  • Add option to disable remote banner
  • Fix MPN not update when selecting product options
  • Fix "# block" typo
  • Optimize PDP: only load zoom image on active slide

1.11.1 (05-06-2021)

  • [CORNERSTONE] BCTHEME-445 replace page builder ssl settings with new global region for html widget
  • [CORNERSTONE] fixed email address validation in forms. #2029
  • [CORNERSTONE] fix(search): ES-2071 removed adding selected filters for price filter since not needed
  • [CORNERSTONE] Remove AddThis for social sharing, replace with provider sharing links
  • Fix missing data-event-type in infinite product loading
  • Fix extractMoney function not working correct

1.11.0 (04-09-2021)

  • Fix layout shifts CLS issue, page speed improvement.
  • [PERFORMANCE] Optimize polyfills
  • Load lazyload script async
  • [CORNERSTONE] Reset cart quantity to 0 if we get a 404 for the cart
  • Fix swatch image change display blank when card slider is enabled
  • Fix JS error in function setProductVariant() on IE 11

1.10.1 (03-23-2021)

  • Fix SweetAlert cancel button wrong color
  • Fix [THEME-2074] When Default Option is Out of Stock, Add to Cart Button is Missing from other Option

1.10.0 (03-09-2021)

  • Fix Faceted Search show more selects not scroll on iOS/Safari
  • Fix redeem code text box on the checkout page - theme checkout enabled
  • Fix Burst sale badge smaller
  • Disable Buy Now button if product is not available
  • Show swatch full image on product cards
  • Fix PAYMENTS-4228 include currency_code field in the Account > Payment Methods
  • Update Klarna logo
  • Change image when select card swatch
  • Add option Buy Together - Auto select all items

1.9.1 (02-18-2021)

  • Fix [THEME-2054] Refactor Frequently Bought Together using GraphQL for better performance

1.9.0 (02-05-2021)

  • Add GooglePay + Klarna payment icon
  • Add Color Swatches Dropdown display type on PDP

1.8.3 (12-30-2020)

  • New feature display custom fields on product cards
  • Fix address info not display when newsletter is disabled
  • Fix schema file error
  • Fix Log in for Pricing not working
  • Fix registerValidation function to validate on writeReview-form email field #1585
  • Fix [THEME-2029] products.php calls in color swatches display on product cards

1.8.2 (10-22-2020)

  • Fix Login link not work when turn off side panel in Fashion style

1.8.1 (10-20-2020)

  • Revert Also Bought default off
  • Add global regions

1.8.0 (10-06-2020)

  • Add hook "product-productdetails-init" for MQPO addon
  • Remove click event on the card images if enable slider
  • [CORNERSTONE] CHECKOUT-4828 Special characters to render properly on the cart modal pop up
  • Fix special characters in product reviews on mobile
  • Fix search close icon on the checkout page on mobile
  • Add more widget regions on home page and blog page
  • Add new features: Popup Banner + Products by Category
  • Add more widget regions to sidebar
  • Update static web page 100% width
  • Fix Also Bought currency symbol position display wrong in some case
  • [CORNERSTONE] MCU-427 Display modal before switching currencies
  • [THEME-2000] Fix Faceted Filter option title wrong encoded character %

1.7.0 (07-29-2020)

  • Support PhotoSwipe product image popup
  • Fix Buy Now button should not show for pre-order
  • Show View Cart button on added to cart popup
  • Fix Categories Menu scroll issue occasionally on mobile
  • Auto play video on iframe open
  • Update stencil-cli v1.12.1
  • Fix variant SKU, UPC not display if the product has no SKU, UPC
  • Fix Share button not working in Quick-View
  • Fix wishlist dropdown show wrong position in quickview on PDP
  • Add option blog_posts_per_page
  • Fix wishlist icon not working on product card
  • Fix missing alt attribute in writeReview-productImage
  • Show rating on related products
  • Fix cannot add to wishlist on the product cards
  • Correct label of container-fill-base
  • Disable image zoom on iOS
  • [CORNERSTONE] CATALOG-5557 Special characters are not rendered for product review
  • [CORNERSTONE] STRF-3591 add return instructions in return-saved.html
  • Move header_bottom region outside the sticky header
  • Fix infinite products loading suddenly stop working
  • Remove duplicate scripts in order-confirmation page
  • Fix payment icons not show when social icons = bottom_none
  • Fix stencil-cli@2 bundle validation
  • Update Frequently Bought Together version 2

1.6.1 (2020-03-30)

  • Add regions like Cornersone
  • Add option to show store addres & phone in the footer
  • Remove title/desc "created with sketch" in svg icons
  • Add region 'page_builder_content' to page.html

1.6.0 (2020-02-26)

  • Fix color of flyout menu sub items when hover.
  • Fix Mobile Not Friendly when Card Image Slider is enabled.
  • Fix the close button color.
  • Fix categories and pages panel color when header color is dark.
  • Fix custom fields start with __ still show on mobile.
  • Add new option allow to turn off Login panel.
  • Fix product variant image not change when click on product swatches on product card items if "Show Image Slider" is enabled.
  • Fix mega menu dropdown not work on iPad iOS 13+
  • Add new feature support Youtube video on Home Carousel
  • Add option to disable thumbnails carousel on PDP
  • Fix Call for Price should have same style as Price
  • Fix Facebook box not reload on the next page when faceted search enabled
  • Fix click on the search icon scroll the page to top
  • Fix remove wishlist buttons not align properly on wishlist page
  • [CORNERSTONE] feat(search): ES-721 fixed the issue for price filter collapse CP settings
  • Fix product columns display 5 on tablet
  • Fix logo center not center properly
  • Fix register link show twice if top header enabled
  • [CORNERSTONE] ES-97 fixed the html special chars issue in facet names
  • [CORNERSTONE] ES-98 Product filters configured to not display product count show a count when you use the "More" modal
  • Add translation key for "read more" blog post link
  • Update @bigcommerce/stencil-utils 5.0.3
  • Fix main navigation underline position
  • Fix quick search box z-index overlap header
  • Move Cookie Consent message to bottom of page
  • Fix the main carousel dots overflow mobile screen width


If you're updating your theme to 1.5.x version, please check the update note.

1.5.6 (2019-11-11)

  • Fix flyout menu cannot click 3rd level menu item
  • Fix [THEME-1892] Add new option: Heading color when having background

1.5.5 (2019-11-06)

  • Fix subcategories not appear on the sidebar when reach to menu max depth.
  • Fix Out of Stock badge not show on PDP
  • Fix currency selector should hide when no additional currencies in Fashion style
  • Fix the coupon form mess up on the checkout page on mobile
  • Fix alert modal cannot close on mobile
  • Show shipping method on order details page
  • Improve payment buttons style
  • Fix styling of the checkout page embed in theme
  • Fix styling of newsletter form when showing first name
  • Adjust the icons position on the header

1.5.4 (2019-09-06)

  • Fix dropdown cart overflowed by the main menu when site logo set top
  • Update jQuery to 3.4.1 #1502

1.5.3 (2019-08-01)

  • Fix [THEME-1833] Chiara v1.5.2 - Multi-line text field will not allow creation of new line.
  • Show inline product options by default on PDP.
  • Add new feature to support Buy Now button.

1.5.2 (2019-07-19)

  • Fix categories menu error on mobile when not using mega menu.
  • Fix product image not center on product card.
  • Add custom CSS class to the top header links.
  • Fix Price schema for Google structured data.
  • Fix Add to Cart button overlap the mega menu.

1.5.1 (2019-06-25)

  • Hide the parent menu in dropdown list on hover mode
  • Fix missing desktop more panel when enabling hamburger menu

1.5.0 (2019-06-24)

  • Fix mobile layout issue when show header/footer on checkout page.
  • Add banner position for brand page.
  • Fix blurry modal.
  • Fix footer column break on Safari.
  • Add support of the brand carousel speed.
  • Enlarge logo on sticky header.
  • Fix GeoTrust logo alignment.
  • Optimize theme options schema.json.
  • Show My Account & Logout link when customer logged in.
  • Add the optimized checkout translation to en.json
  • Show release date on product page.
  • Fix data tags.
  • Fix blog break on Edge.
  • Fix mega menu issue on Safari.
  • Fix Google structured data error.
  • Fix unavailable option strike-through style.
  • Fix brand logo size.
  • Add support displaying sub pages on the navigation.
  • Add class 'productView-info-bulkPricing'.
  • Update carousel font size on mobile.
  • Fix share url and FB like button.
  • Hide Filter button when not available.
  • Fix Sort button on search page.
  • Add option to show category image as thumbnail.
  • Add option top/bottom/hamburger for the mobile menu bar.
  • Optimize performance and Google Page Speed.
  • Add Lazyload for instagram photos.
  • Improve lazyload of category list section's images
  • Fix extra space of form field on also bought products.
  • Fix review link align & increase width of user panel
  • Fix footer newsletter form space
  • Add support window.chiaraSettings
  • Add support logo position top

1.4.2 (2019-05-04)

  • Fix bug cannot change the quantity on the cart page
  • Fix issue server error when requesting 11th banner of category list on homepage.
  • Align center images when customers upload a small image
  • Add setting to show different image on hover product card
  • Add schema markup for MPN, GTIN
  • Fix Google schema for product page.
  • Add option to show properties below price or in tab.
  • Lazy load image for category list on homepage.
  • Declare window.chiarajQuery globally.
  • Allow to show more than 10 images of the category list on homepage.
  • Update footer columns.
  • Show 6 thumbnails on product page.
  • Allow to restore default image after select product option.
  • Fix product card buttons overlapped by product image.
  • Fix compare issue when change page or filter.
  • Hide a custom field has special character "__" on compare table.

1.4.1 (2019-04-22)

  • Hide card swatches if request error
  • Fix related product price changed when no Also Bought
  • Load async for Instagram script
  • Fix duplicate price on product page when no option

1.4.0 (2019-03-25)

  • Add extra CSS class to productView-tab
  • Fix top banner text color setting
  • Fix Also Bought Together product price changed
  • Fix the main navigation overlapped on iPad 1024
  • Fix product option value tooltip didn't show
  • Fix product details wrong order on mobile after add Also Bought
  • Add banner placement before product rating
  • Fix price update on product card when color swatch is selected
  • Fix setting of Footer Hover Link
  • Fix reviews link didn't work when reviews are in tab
  • Fix description tab didn't work after add Also Bought
  • Add block chiara-productpage-rating
  • Add option "Show Add to Cart on mobile" to show inline / popup panel
  • Fix option show address on top header didn't work
  • Fix z-index of add to cart button on mobile
  • Fix footer newsletter box not full width on mobile
  • Fix footer SSL seal CSS
  • Fix a gitch of "Payment Methods" link on the right user panel
  • Fix duplicate header footer scripts on checkout page if show header & footer
  • Customer Also Bought get product from
  • Optimize theme settings
  • Fix AJAX conflicting with BigCommerce Data Tags
  • Add banner position before full width description

1.3.0 (2019-02-15)

  • Fix header sticky menu dropdown glitch on ipad 1024.
  • Fix category menu (+) icon on category page.
  • Update BUY button to use icon cart-add.
  • Fix BUY button glitch when product description is overflow.
  • Hide Specifications tabs when there is no product custom fields.
  • Fix banner CSS break when BC banner content being wrapped by a div
  • Show SKU on the dropdown cart & cart page.
  • Auto show vertical scrollbar on the dropdown cart.
  • Update Cornerstone 3.2.1.

1.2.0 (2019-01-09)

  • Add new feature: show image sliders on product card item.
  • Add new feature: Show full header & footer on the checkout pages.
  • Add Also Bought (Buy Together) feature
  • Improve:
  • Add more products count on homepage
  • Change loading remote banner from search page
  • Use products_per_page for all listing pages

1.1.1 (2018-12-27)

  • Update showing qty box from theme settings.

1.1.0 (2018-12-27)

  • Update Cornerstone 3.0.0:
  • Added defer tag to addThis and defered execution of related script #1406
  • Fixed compare buttons for product list display #1384
  • Remove unnecessary API call to get cookie notification status #1380
  • Cart switch from quote item hash to id which is immutable #1387
  • Remove extra font only used for textual store logo. #1375
  • shotaK's Add context to the menu collapsible factory target elements #1382
  • Added default rule for product carousel card title to break words on overflow. #1389
  • Only show cookie privacy notice for EU IP addresses #1381
  • Move Cart Quantity header value to a FE API call #1379
  • Make display of quantity selection box on PDP configurable. #1398
  • Don't load Cart resource on non-Cart pages #1401
  • Remove deprecated fields - delivery and event date, and configurable fields. #1407
  • Update Cornerstone 2.6.0:
  • Add support for Card Management: List, Delete, Edit, Add and Default Payment Method #1376
  • Add support for declarative data tag analytics. #1377
  • Update Cornerstone 2.5.

1.0.1 (2018-12-19)

  • Initial release.